How God Activated My Desire to Read the Bible

May, 2004: That morning I sat on my back porch, Bible in hand, having just sold a business I had started with a non-believer. A disagreement ended in me selling my half of the company to her, and I had a few months to “find myself” before kicking my new business into high gear.

Going into a business relationship with a non-believer four years earlier, I’d had thought “Shauna, you’re playing with fire,” but at the time, I didn’t know that soft, sure voice was the Holy Spirit. I thought it was simple anxiety over making a life change.

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Anxiety: What, Who, and How to Fight It

woman with anxiety or depression in the rain

We tend to hear this word more now than ever – anxiety. It’s usually partnered with the word “stress.”

Statistics tell us that in the United States, 18% of Americans over 18 years old have anxiety. Perspective: for every 100 friends you have on Facebook, at least 18 of them suffer from anxiety.

Medically speaking, the condition is treatable, but less than half of sufferers actually seek treatment. When I say “treatment,” I’m talking about medical treatment, with therapy, drugs, lifestyle changes, and things like that. Spiritual treatment is not included in the statistic, but I guarantee you that the percentage of the 40 million anxiety sufferers who seek spiritual counsel or “treatment” is extremely low.

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