Welcome to The Truth Discipleship Project

What We Do

When you apply godly principles to daily life, you'll enjoy power and fulfillment. We help Christians find biblical, fact-based answers that set them free from opinion-based Christianity.

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Who We Serve

Anyone who wants to find the heart, mind, and will of God will be well served by Truth Discipleship. If you're here wondering how to get closer to God, you're in the right place. It all starts with an email.

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Who We Are

We're your neighbor, your coworker, the person in the car next to you at a red light. Jesus set you and your mentor on the same trail for this season so that you can develop deeper spiritual maturity.

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Why choose Christian mentoring?

We help Christians just like you better understand the will, peace, and love of God. The God of the Bible calls us to be active and bold in our faith, as well as our daily lifestyle. In fact, Jesus warns us about being lukewarm followers.

With a Truth Discipleship Project mentor, you will learn key scriptures and disciplines to help you get to know God more intimately. God does not want to be obscure or unreachable. He wants His followers to be confident in His love and bold in their lives.

If you take the biblical disciplines laid out by Christ and the Apostles and apply them to your daily life, you will have the confidence and answers you need to live every single day in victory. We were not made to be unfulfilled. We were created to live life abundantly.

Did you know that God chose YOU before he created the earth?

Did you know that the Bible says we - that includes YOU - are co-heirs to Heaven, with Christ?

Did you know that many truths in scripture can only be understood by Christians - that's YOU - and unbelievers will not ever understand them unless they come to know Christ?

There are times in every Christian's walk when he or she hits a wall and doesn't know how to advance. Your Truth Discipleship mentor will come alongside you and teach you steps to move you forward in your walk with God. Through video mentoring, we will teach biblical, spirit-filled disciplines that apply directly and immediately to your situation.

What to Expect

After you submit the "Get a Mentor" form, you'll receive an email explaining when to attend your first video call. We use Zoom for video conferencing. You can attend the call from your phone or computer, as long as the device you use has audio and video.

On this call, your new mentor will ask questions and talk with you to determine how we can best help you grow in your relationship with Christ. "Disciple" in Greek is mathetes, which means "follower" or "student/learner/pupil." As a student of Christ, you're a disciple. Our program will help you mature in the role of "follower of Christ."

joy purpose fulfillment

By practicing specific biblical principles and disciplines, you can improve your understanding of life, which means you can become more fulfilled, joyful, and peaceful. All the instruction you need is in the Bible, so we'll use scripture to point you in the right direction.

Be prepared and devoted to implementing changes in your life, from reading your Bible and praying daily to making sure that the people you invest in are healthy for your spiritual development.

The duration of your journey with Truth Discipleship is undefined at the start. However, the more time and energy you devote to your relationship with Christ, the faster and stronger it will grow. You will mature in your role as a follower or student of Christ, while unlocking your understanding of the truth, The Truth.

Next Steps...

First, email us. You'll receive a survey in response. After submitting the survey, we'll schedule your first video call with a mentor.